Hecho en San Antonio

You might be asking yourself, “Who is Don Roberto?” We thought of telling a tall tale of two men named Roberto who owned a cantina in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The pair invented the michelada mix to help locals deal with the oppressive summer heat and legend has it that the drink was not only refreshing, but it made the locals healthier, stronger, and wiser …

We don’t know if Don Robertos Michelada Mix will make you stronger and wiser … you’d be wise to buy it and that’s all we’ll say. The truth is, Don Robertos was developed by a man called “El Gringo” by his friends and family in Mexico. El Gringo, a.k.a. Rob McClane, was instantly hooked the first time he tasted a traditional michelada. From that point on, Rob ambitiously set forth to re-create the traditional drink in an easy-to-make mix.

The following is a letter written by “El Gringo” to a great friend in Mexico:


Letter to Paco, sent with first case of michelada mix. 

Mi Estimado Paco: 

As you are well aware, my Mexico adventure began upon my arrival to Monterrey, Mexico, January 1997. El Guapo and I had the good fortune of knocking on your door one Friday evening when you were throwing one of your infamous parties. I remember that night like it was yesterday meeting you, Buho, Beto, Mario, Mauricio, Moni, Sejas, Glenda…. I was not aware of all the experiences that awaited me, but I soon came to realize I had embarked on an adventure that would establish a deep respect and affinity for Mexico.

Over the course of seven years while living in Mexico, I developed close friendships with you, and others mentioned above that not only had the patience to teach me the language but indoctrinated me to the many cultural nuances of Mexico’s business and social society. Your friendship inspired me to build a relationship based business and philosophy that I offered to almost anyone with a desire to do business in Mexico.

One of Mexico’s aspects of life I enjoyed was the frequent reunions with friends along with great food typically accompanied by Micheladas. I came to appreciate this drink as our friends from different regions of Mexico taught me their personal Michelada recipes. You and Beto especially trained me to be a black belt Michelada man. As a result, I developed my own formula that I took great pride in and continue to share today. So much so, that one of the first requests I get after a big abrazo when friends arrive to our home is “please make me a Michelada”. I accept their request as a compliment and another opportunity to share Mexico’s character.

I estimated that over the past 15 years I have made and served more than 2,000 Micheladas, many times introducing the recipe to friends not from Mexico, again an attempt to share with them the rich Mexican culture.

One year ago I began bottling my Michelada recipe, but quickly realized the shelf life would be limited considering the most important ingredient was fresh lime juice. Therefore, I began testing my formula with various lime juice preservatives, but could not duplicate the authentic Michelada taste. 

After years of testing and refining my recipe, I felt confident that I developed a high quality authentic tasting Michelada mix.

Based on my personal Michelada experiences in Mexico, I believe my Michelada mix has tremendous appeal among the Mexican consumer and the Anglo market where there is a growing Michelada awareness. My goal is to provide these consumers with a high quality authentic non-alcoholic ready-made Michelada mix that when applied to their beer of choice results in the invigorating taste of a true Michelada, as if it were made with fresh ingredients.

I am confident my product will provide you with a refreshing Michelada experience that will leave you desiring another. Please enjoy and share the bottles I have included. My recommendation is 7–15 shakes per Michelada, depending on how strong/spicy you prefer.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my Michelada experience with you and most of all your friendship. I look to celebrating life with you soon.

I wish you and your family the very best. Guapo and Ocho also send many abrazos y saludos to you, Nancy and your ever growing family.

Un fuerte abrazo,

Don Robertos Signature


Robert McClane (“El Gringo”)