Michelada History

The “Michelada” Story

The “Michelada” was first created in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution of 1910. As legend has it, the infamous military leader El General, Don Augusto Michel, would lead his battle hardened soldiers to his favorite cantina in San Luis Potosi to enjoy Mexican beer with lime and added hot sauce for character. After days in the throes of combat, El General Michel felt the drink would lift their spirits and build character among his men. As a result the San Luis Potosi cantina owner, whose name is still unknown, named the drink in honor of El General Michel by declaring it “Michelada” (Michel combined with chelada, or “cold one”). Other heroes of the Revolution such as Pancho Villa also frequented the cantina, celebrating their war victories by raising their “Micheladas” and saluting their fellow warriors by boldly shouting – “Viva, Viva Mexico y Saludos Amigos!

Extended History

If the story is true, it was destiny for the “Michelada” to be created in the same pueblo were El General, Don Augusto Michel was born and raised. The area was already steeped in history. In 1846, Mexico´s army marched through San Luis Potosí to fight against the U.S. troops invading Mexico. In 1862, Mexican President Benito Juarez relocated the Nation’s Capital to San Luis Potosi during Maximiliano’s invasion of Mexico. A period lasting five decades of relative calm and prosperity followed Mexico’s victory over the French. But that era changed in 1910 when President Porfirio Diaz sent his greatest political enemy, Francisco Madero, to jail in San Luis Potosi. Francisco successfully escaped and issued the Plan of San Luis which encouraged Mexicans to take up arms against the government and marked the beginning of the Mexican Revolution and ultimately, the “Michelada”!